Walch’s Event Catering, Lustenau (AT)

The production building’s flat ashlar, 50m in length, belongs to a group of enterprises located in an open field in the feeding area of a highway access road. Its compact structure consolidates storage, production, supply and administrative premises in a single, pure and geometrical form. The roofed exterior was only recessed for the delivery area and the loading ramp. The façade opening, slightly rotated, directs the latter to the entrance.
A thoroughly economized wooden construction with supports, joists, tall slender beam rafters and OSB hardboard sheeting rises upon a reinforced-concrete foundation. None of this can be seen from the outside, as another layer, showing a continuous image designed by artist Peter Kogler, encloses the entire building running below the windows and closed parts of the façade at a distance of an arm’s length.
The fine, porous netting does not obstruct views, while shielding from strong sun, rain and views into the building. At night, flood-lights illuminate the building from all sides, so that the visual effect is maintained. The integral packing of this edifice neutralizes references to scale such as the heights of stories or windows. This acts to separate the building’s use and the façade’s appearance, giving autonomy to the artwork.

Client: Josef Walch
Location: A-6890 Lustenau, Millenniumspark 8
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Peter Matzalik
Construction: 2000
Area: 1,300 m²

2001 Bauherrenpreis Vorarlberg (Client Award of Vorarlberg)

artwork: Peter Kogler /// photos: © Bruno Klomfar