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DU Digital | 06.10.2021

We construct the buildings of the future – resource-conserving, efficient, recyclable

With innovative project processes and the targeted use of modern technology, we can implement our vision throughout the entire life cycle of the buildings. Project phases were yesterday, we think in terms of the digital and data-based life cycle. Respectful use of the resources of our planet and those of our employees and fellow human […] (...)
DU Digital | 06.10.2021

We put the vision of the building at the centre of our thoughts and actions

Complex buildings and the future requirements associated with them demand the effective cooperation of a wide range of experts. We form and cultivate real teams beyond our corporate boundaries. The demands on buildings are constantly becoming higher and more complex due to social change and the decoupling of buildings from emissions, to name just two. […] (...)

BIM and timber construction - The opportunity for seamless digitisation in the construction industry

How do we bring digitalisation directly to the construction site? And by that I don’t mean that we bring an iPad or a USB stick to the construction site. By that I mean that we directly control the production machine, the CNC milling machine, without a paper plan. That is the idea with which we […] (...)
DU Digital | 07.10.2021

Pioneers of modern timber construction – 230,000 m² timber & timber hybrid buildings

Incredible 120,000 m² amounts the floor area of our realised timber and timber hybrid constructions. All our currently ongoing timber projects reach more than 110.000 m² floor area. For the TUM Campus in the Olympiapark alone, the largest timber construction site in Europe, we use 5.200 m³ of wood! Ever since our founding, we have […] (...)