Apartment house Greenfield, Weiler (AT)

The scattered settlement on the outskirts of Weiler is characterized by single family houses. The wooden, two-story cube blends inconspicuously into this structure and only reveals on closer inspection that it is typologically out of the ordinary. Under the contemporary motto “affordable living”, the 680 m² property accommodates four apartments instead of one. Each floor accommodates a compact two- and three-room apartment. Generous loggias are integrated into one of the four house corners and thus guarantee largely undisturbed private open spaces. Glass railings are used on the loggias and windows of the upper floor as fall protection.
The house is built in wood hybrid construction. Reinforced concrete ceilings and a development core in exposed concrete are coated with wooden elements. Internal storage rooms, a free-standing outbuilding for bicycles and garbage as well as open parking spaces in the entrance courtyard save a cost-intensive basement.
The surface materials follow the construction method: The outer shell is clad with solid silver fir boards, whereby the inner surfaces of the loggias are clad with the highest quality, knot-free parts. Inside, ceiling and walls are kept white, structured by door elements and room-high windows in silver fir. The oak wooden flooring flows through all the rooms without thresholds and reinforces the impression of spatial generosity.

Client: Brosi KG
Location: A-6837 Weiler, In der Bündt
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Felix Kruck
Construction: 2018
Area: 360 m²
Capacity: 4 apartments

structural engineering: Leitner ZT, Schröcken / building physics: Weithas, Lauterach / geotechnics: 3P, Bregenz / site management: Flatz & Jäger, Bezau / timber construction: fb Holzbau, Schnepfau /// photos: © Angela Lamprecht