Administration ESM and Luxembourg State (LUX)

The administrative district on the Kirchberg is home to numerous European institutions. However, the European Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors or the Investment Bank cannot be experienced by the people in this district due to increased security requirements. This is why we design a place that reconnects to the public space around it and offers an attractive location to daily users and visitors alike.

Urban planning approach
Our approach is clear and concise: a homogeneous ensemble is formed by five square volumes of different size and hierarchy. Three consecutive squares create a passage from south-west to north-east.
1. The green park forms a boundary to the city’s road axis.
2. The central square offers lively ground floor use.
3. The green square forms a buffer to the high-rise.

Stability through balance
Stability through balance is the core of our concept. Like on a scale, the office floors seem to float above the transparent conference floor. Among other things, this enabled us to guarantee the necessary security perimeter for the ground floor without additional fencing. The overall design is a clear structure with a work environment comprising numerous open spaces, communication zones and green courtyards.

Functions distributed over 5 buildings
The functions of the ESM, the Luxembourg State and the House of Luxembourg are distributed within five buildings. The large cube of the representative ESM conveys the image of “stability and balance” with its upper floors seemingly floating above a transparent base like a scale. The four ministry buildings of the Luxembourg State and the House of Luxembourg around the central square form a public quarter. Varying heights from six to eight floors add to its vibrancy as well as a lively, transparent ground floor with shops and restaurants.

Wood and ceramics create atmosphere
The buildings of the ESM and the State of Luxembourg are designed in timber. The wooden construction is exposed and adds to the warm atmosphere of the interior. Ceramic façades in different color nuances define the ensemble’s outer shell. The combined color spectrum of different ocher tones gives each building its independent touch while keeping the unity of the entire ensemble.

Client: Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux Publics
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Franz und Sue and with Architecture + Aménagement
Competition: 2022
Area: ESM ca. 13,560 m², Luxemburger Staat ca. 21,250 m²
Capacity: offices, conference rooms, shops, restaurants

statics: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart + InCA Ingénieurs Conseils Associés, Niederanven / building services: Buro Happold, Berlin / landscape: Glück Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller, Franz&Sue