Stoffel Areal, Mels (CH)

The location high above the village of Mels with wide views of the Rhine valley, coupled with the mighty elongated structures of the old textile factory Stoffel and the high-quality open spaces and landscape, is an unmistakable place with a high identity. These qualities are to be maintained on the one hand and compacted and expanded on the other. By modest demolition measures and sensitive addition of new building blocks, this goal can be achieved without compromises.
By removing the structural cross-connections, the permeability in longitudinal direction becomes the guiding principle. This also increases the experienceability of the place with its manifold visual relationships to all sides. As a new core element, a powerful, towering, point-shaped solitaire rises in the longitudinal axis between the existing wings. In dialogue with the “truncated” existing building, two elongated volumes with inserted apartments occupy the slopes and give the entire ensemble a well-balanced silhouette with a high recognition value.

Client: Alte Textilfabrik Stoffel AG
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Competition: 2013
Area: 25,000 m²

structural engineering: Walt+Galmarini, Zürich / landscape: Balliana Schubert, Zürich