Omicron Campus, Klaus

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The Omicron Company, a world leader in the electric energy sector, wanted to enlarge its headquarters in Klaus in Vorarlberg. The ambition was to implement an innovative
workplace design. The structural engineering of the new building was designed with 200 workstations, set along the existing building frame.

The framework was made with reinforced concrete and the facade composed of prefabricated wooden modules. Six internal courts, opening onto a central passage on either side, bring transparency and natural light into the centre of the building. The offices all give onto a corridor or a
terrace.Sculpture spaces punctuate the circulation, offering several meeting or relaxation spots.

Environmental quality is placed at the heart of this project. It was built using local and non-toxic materials, with a hydraulic heat transfer system between the various parts of the building, elaborate solar protection devices and green patios
and roofs. The facade that gives on to the street is
entirely covered with photovoltaic cells, displaying the philosophy of the company.


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