Kindergarten, Sports hall & School Lingolsheim (FR)

The growing Alsatian community of Lingolsheim, only six kilometres from Strasbourg, is a popular residential area for young families. A new kindergarten, a sports hall and the extension of the primary school create the best conditions for the care and promotion of children.

A campus on the scale of children

We have designed the schools as a campus on the scale of the children. The low-rise buildings are grouped around generous open spaces and fit well into the loosely built environment. The heart of the campus is the shared multifunctional building for extracurricular care – a place for meeting, teaching and leisure with a permeable ground floor, a landscaped inner courtyard and a wide open staircase that invites you to linger. Covered galleries connect the rooms and offer a variety of views and insights.

Adjacent to this to the east and south are the two-storey kindergarten and the primary school, surrounded by landscaped break areas. The existing primary school is retained and extended to the west. To the north of the kindergarten, somewhat set off, we have placed the sports hall. With the entrance on the street, the hall can also be used by clubs and residents for non-school sports activities, e.g. regional basketball tournaments.

Wood is omnipresent, both in the supporting structure and on the façades and interiors. Natural materials and attention to detail help to create a place of learning where people feel at home. The surrounding open spaces are designed as close to nature as possible, with rain gardens, clearings and trees and numerous opportunities for play and recreation.

Client: Ville de Lingolsheim
Location: F-67380 Lingolsheim, Tulipes / Vosges
Architecture: Dietrich I Untertrifaller
Project Manegement: Mathieu Chataignier, Laure Finck
Competition: 2023, 1. Prize
Construction: 2023 – 2028
Area: 5,166 m² (4,269 m² New construction, 897 m² renovation), 11,400 m² outdoor areas
Program: Construction of a kindergarten (6 classes) and a sports hall, renovation and extension of a primary school (8 classes)

Statics, building services, electrics, acoustics: OTE Ingé¬nierie, Illkirch / building physics: Otélio Ingénierie, Colmar / landscape: Linder Paysage, Strasbourg /// rendering: Dietrich I Untertrifaller