University for art and design, Nancy

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Inside Artem (Art, Technology, Management) campus the ENSAD (Ecole nationale supérieure d′art et de design de Nancy) comprises lecture theatres, offices and exhibition spaces into two separate buildings.

The first, a “signature building”, is a polyhedron with a sloping roof which stretches to the rear to display unusual volumes on its highest level where the research spaces can be found. Its facades are in neutral dark brown cladding in perforated aluminum.The monolithic parallelepiped of the Vauban building, clad in fiber cement panels, has studios inside which have the benefit of north light from large bay windows projecting from the facade. In this way the activities which take place in the school are displayed for anyone passing to see and a strong relationship with the city is established.

The two buildings are linked in the entrance hall by a sloping concrete walkway, and, on the other side of the courtyard, by the organic volume of the amphitheater. The clarity of the concept and the chosen materials — wood, exposed concrete, untreated steel, white walls, colored curtains — create a harmonious atmosphere, conducive to artistic creation.




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