Bayernkaserne Quarter, Munich (DE)

An exemplary, sustainable quarter is built on the site of the former Bavarian barracks, which will also create a new identity for the surrounding commercial and residential areas. In order to strengthen the attractiveness and complexity of this new urban quarter with its approx. 4,700 residential units, the uses are supplemented by restaurants, cafes, youth club, medical centre, hotel, cinema, Biergarten and office spaces for start-up companies. This ensures a qualitative functional mix within the quarters. The multi-scale network of public and private open spaces also includes a “Green Center”, typical for Munich.
Economic sustainability is the result of a robust urban structure where individual clusters can react flexibly to future developments. Due to their parcelling, the building plots can be marketed well. Ecological sustainability is ensured by the preservation of existing green structures and trees as far as possible, as well as the reduction of the primary energy requirements of the development.

Client: Landeshauptstadt München
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Raupach, Umnet
Competition: 2013
Area: 480.000 m²

landscape: Stötzer, Stuttgart