Won: Residential Quarter Gastgebgasse, Vienna

November 8th, 2019

We are delighted to have won this 2-stage property development competition together with Schenker, Salvi, Weber! A big thank you to the whole planning team who did a great job!

Along the “Gastgebgasse” in Liesing, we are building a new residential quarter with a total of 430 subsidized apartments in the immediate vicinity of the Sargfabrik and the planned Atzgersdorf education campus starting in 2021. The southernmost district of Vienna tolerates more art and culture. We have therefore developed our “KUKU 23 – Living in Art & Culture Quarter” concept with the aim of providing low-threshold cultural activities, especially for children and young people.

The KUKU 23 project is an important milestone in Viennese housing construction. A piece of city comes to life!

Information about the project:  KUKU 23 – Wohnen im Kunst- & Kulturquartier