Won: Urban Planning Competition “Quartier Kleinescheholz”, Freiburg, Germany

February 8th, 2019

At yesterday’s press conference, the city of Freiburg announced that we had won the urban planning competition for the Kleineschholz district. Around 1,000 new apartments are to be built in this area from 2021. We developed the concept together with landscape planners Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl. A spacious public park in the center of the district enriches the entire neighborhood. The residential buildings are based on block structures characterstic for this the quarter, which will be “used in a more advanced way,” as Patrick Stremler emphasizes.

Our concept integrates various forms of use and living, building types and structural densities. Families and singles, children, young and old, locals and newcomers will be living here. Urban craftsmen, self-employed people and service providers will be working here. Together they form a stable, self-regulating social structure consisting of diverse responsibilities, life cycles and local references. Out of five designs that made it into the second round of the competition, the jury considered our ideas the most convincing. After winning the competition for the Metzgergrün Quarter in 2017, we are quite happy about yet another success in Freiburg.

Team: Dietrich | Untertrifaller, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Stete Planung

Project infos Kleineschholz Quarter