From the Swabian Alb to the Viennese vineyards

The reference to the landscape, the dialogue between old and new, the reinterpretation of traditional building forms and materiality, precise spatial structures, strict organisation or the staging of an attitude to life – every context is different and all this leaves its traces in the design process of our houses.

House R in Albstadt (DE)

The wonderful view prompted us to glaze the entire south side of the saddle roof house right up to the gable. An essential goal of the design and the express wish of the client was to use future-oriented, sustainable materials and to integrate the building harmoniously into the surroundings. Except for the parts in contact with the ground, the house was built in timber. The widely overhanging gable roof protects the living rooms and terrace from too much sun and unwanted views. Exposed concrete, wood and glass characterise the entire design of the house, both inside and out. A gallery suspended from the roof provides space for a study and partially creates a gable-high living area.


Details on House R, Albstadt (DE

Except for the parts in contact with the ground, the house was built in timber.
The living room opens to the southwest with a glass front.
An essential goal of the design was to integrate the building harmoniously into the surroundings.

House B in Vienna

The unique location of the house on an extremely steep slope impresses with a fantastic panoramic view over vineyards and the Vienna Hausberge all the way to the Danube. With this in mind, we and the client pursued the goal of bringing this scenery into the house and making it a tangible experience. A 36-meter-long glazed beam with an external graphite-grey steel structure floats 12 meters above the massive base, cantilevering freely. As a contrast to the transparent steel and glass façade of the structure, the interior is completely clad in oak like a wooden box.


Details on House B, Vienna (AT)

The glazed beam freely cantilevers 12 metres on the massive plinth.
The open-plan living-dining-kitchen area with fantastic views.

The result is a modern, cubic building with high architectural standards that takes advantage of the difficult slope. Self-confident, with clear, almost strict lines, the house stages itself and the surrounding landscape.

House K in Sulzberg (AT)

With House K, we have succeeded in densifying a cramped hillside plot in the middle of a residential area to create spacious living with privacy and an unobstructed view. The successful interplay of wood, glass and concrete provides the cubic structure with lightness and transparency. While the street side is rather closed, the house opens up to the south with floor-to-ceiling glazing and focuses the gaze to the unique view. Due to the extreme slope, we have divided the spaces into three floors. On the street side, you can enter the top level with garage and spacious, open living room at ground level. The bedrooms are located on the mid-level and the basement houses a granny flat and an office.  With their clear design, wood and exposed concrete create a modern and at the same time cosy atmosphere.


Details on House K, Sulzberg (AT)

House P, Allgäu (DE)

On the edge of a densely built residential area in the Allgäu hills, we created a well-conceived, multi-purpose wooden house, that integrates the surrounding nature in a significant way. The restrained, horizontally structured architecture with a façade made of local wood blends harmoniously into the natural surroundings. The cantilever of the living floor and the all-round balcony of the attic act as constructive sun protection for the rooms below. Cosy oak and light lime plaster dominate the interiors.


Details on House P, Allgäu (DE)


House STA in Dornbirn (AT)

The new house is designed as a light wooden structure, with a spacious living-cooking-dining room, office and guest bathroom on the ground floor; children’s rooms and master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room on the upper floor. To the south and garden, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors extend the living space outdoors, with direct access to the terrace and the exposed concrete pool.


Details on House STA, Dornbirn

A harmonious overall design and an urban retreat for the whole family.
A full-length balcony with wooden balustrade offers privacy and security to the floor-to-ceiling glazed bedrooms.