Waldgartenstraße, Zollikerberg (CH)

For this small estate in a quiet residential area loosely built up with single-family homes, we have arranged two elongated cubes slightly offset to each other. This ensures both the necessary privacy and unobstructed, wide views. To the north, an inviting, semi-public courtyard opens up the complex, while the play ground is located to the north-east, separated from the private areas. The architecture skilfully plays with the contrast of raw concrete and fine wood structure. The façade is extensively glazed, the balconies offer constructive weather protection and summer thermal insulation. The emphasis on the horizontal, the contrast between closed and open areas and the targeted use of daylight appear unobtrusively elegant.
The living concept is reminiscent of stacked bungalows, which can be ‘surrounded’ on three sides. The lined up, well-proportioned rooms can be furnished in a variety of ways and receive light and space through floor-to-ceiling glazing and deep verandas. The living room and kitchen border a protected loggia, which allows attractive interior and exterior references. The staircase becomes a pleasant meeting zone thanks to the vertical incidence of light and visual reference to the entrance courtyard.
The building consciously sets itself apart from the street space and thus develops a high degree of outdoor quality. The fruit trees in the south-west of the property as well as the surrounding hedges are preserved. The garden offers a high degree of privacy and at the same time a wonderful view into the greenery.

Client: Private
Location: CH-8125 Zollikerberg, Waldgartenstraße
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Project Management: Thomas Mitterer-Kuhn
Competition: 2015, 1. Prize
Construction: 2019-2021
Area: 238 m²
Capacity: 6 apartments

statics: Merz Kley Partner, Dornbirn / building physics: Gerevini, St. Gallen / HAVCR: DB Plantech, Oetwil am See / electrics: CabaTech, Zürich / site management: Bauer & Partner, St. Gallen /// photos: Albrecht I. Schnabel