Rénovation du Théâtre, Greifswald (DE)

The theatre with its adjoining town hall was built in 1915 in neoclassical style and offers 438 seats. The aim of the renovation is an economical, technically, energetically and logistically optimized spatial structure. The areas for building and stage technology will also be expanded and modernised and the fire protection concept adapted to today’s safety standards. Accessibility and integration into the urban space will also be optimised. The original character of the listed building is retained.
In order to meet the complex requirements of the space programme, a new building complements the ensemble of historic theatre and town hall. In addition to the rehearsal stage, it offers space for a ballet hall, workshops, scenery storage, workrooms and a canteen. Along Anklamer Straße, we adopted the rhythm and window proportions, basic materiality and parapet height of the existing façade.
The distinctive uses of the new building are recognisable through the change of façade material and the building cubature. The ›city window‹ gives the ensemble an unmistakable architectural identity. In combining old and new, we have placed the highest value on sensitivity towards the listed surroundings without losing the architectural keynote of the design. The ›city window‹ of the ballet hall with its curtain-type lattice façade can be pushed upwards like a stage set, allowing views into the theatre as well as out into the urban space.

Maître d’ouvrage : Université et Ville hanséatique de Greifswald
Site : D-17489 Greifswald, Markt 15
Architecture : Dietrich | Untertrifaller avec Wenzel+Wenzel Berlin.
Chef de projet : Michael Porath, Johanna Maria Priebe, Dominique Steidle
Concours : 2017 (procédure négociée avec concours)
Construction : 2020-2022
Capacité : 440 sièges

structure : Pichler Ingenieure, Berlin / fluides : Emutec, Neubrandenburg / CFO-CFA : Inros Lackner, Rostock / protection incendie : Endreß Ingenieurgesellschaft, Ludwigshafen / scène: ATI Arge Theater Ingenieure, Berlin / acoustique : Moll, Berlin