Media house Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz (DE)

Currently, the institutes for media research of the Johannes Gutenberg-University and the Mainz University of Applied Sciences are spread over seven locations. With the new media house, we are concentrating all functions on the campus. This facili¬tates interdisciplinary work and creates synergies for teaching and research.

The building is divided into a base and three upper floors, interspersed with vertically intersected, open inner courtyards with stair-shaped terraces. The basic architectural concept of levels and boxes is reflected in the exterior façades by horizontal cornices with sheet metal cladding as well as incised loggias, some open, some extensively glazed.

The façade of the upper floors consists of prefabricated wooden elements facing the exterior and the inner courty¬ards. The exterior façades have back-ventilated, glazed wood cladding and are structured by wooden slats. The inner courtyard façades are covered with a smooth skin of recycled aluminium, as is the plinth zone. Towards the inner courtyards, the plinth and foyer façades are designed as a glazed post-and-beam construction. The partially landscaped terraces serve as break zones, stu¬dent workplaces, creative and communication zones.

The foyer works as an internal marketplace. Accompa¬nied by views of the inner courtyards, it extends over all floors and thus creates a clear and simple orientation. Side streets provide access to the lecture halls, studios, multimedia labs and workshops. Meeting points with tea kitchens and student workstations at the corners of the building create differentiated places to stay, work and communicate.

Client: Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung (LBB), Mainz branch
Location: D-55122 Mainz, Saarstraße 21, Campus of the Johannes Gutenberg-University
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Project management: Heiner Walker, Chris Braun
Competition / Study: 2020
Construction: from 2025
Area: 16,633 m²
Program: production rooms, studios (audio, video), bluescreen studio, workshops, editing and viewing areas, multimedia labs, multime¬dia lecture theatre (approx. 220 sqm), PC pool / e-exam room, conference and seminar rooms, offices, storage facilities

statics: Mathes, Chemnitz / building services: Kofler Energies, Halle / building physics: LBB CCE Koblenz / acoustics: Bückle, Backnang / electronics: Arnold & Hensel, Mainz / landscape + outdoor facilities: AO Landschaftsarchitekten, Mainz / fire protection: Galemann GBIC, Koblenz / construction management & costs: Hammer Schwiderski, Mainz / renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller