Culture & Sports Quarter, Plankstadt (DE)

In Plankstadt, we are constructing a 2-field culture hall with stage facilities and ancillary rooms as well as the replacement of a 3-field sports hall, connected by a common foyer. Together with the existing Bundesliga bowling hall including a restaurant and the “House of Clubs” planned in the second construction phase, the “Plankstadt Culture & Sports Quarter” will be established.
We spatially separate the functions of the culture and sports hall are from the existing bowling hall and the future House of Clubs. Attractive public and semi-public open spaces and a new festival square are thus created between the buildings.
The main entrance is on the west side. The secondary access on two levels (entrance level and stage level) along the southern façade enables deliveries for the culture and sports hall.
The halls are positioned offset to each other. In the north, the triple sports hall with its extensive glazing forms the prelude. This is followed by the entrance area with foyer. The adjacent cultural hall can also be used as a double sports hall.
The lightweight timber structures of the halls sits on the solid base with stiffening stair cores. Thanks to the prefabrication, we can erect the building quickly and precisely without disturbing the residents with noise and dirt. The glulam trusses as the roof structure of the triple sports hall remain visible; in the culture hall, the trusses are covered with a suspended ceiling for acoustic reasons.

Client: Municipality Plankstadt
Location: D-68739 Plankstadt, Jahnstraße
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Johnny architecture
Project Management: Anna-Lena Schnell
Competition: 2021
Constructiont: 2023-2024
Area: 6,000 m²
Capacity: 2-field culture hall with stage facilities, 3-field sports hall, connecting foyer

statics: Relling, Singen / building services: IBV Defièbre, Heidelberg / building physics: rw bauphysik, Schwäbisch Hall / fire protection: Halfkann + Kirchner, Frankfurt / electrics: Tiede, Biblis / acoustics: Müller BBM, Planegg /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller