Am Hirschengrün, Salzburg (AT)

The history of the hotel “Zum Hirschen” in Salzburg’s Elisabeth-Vorstadt dates back to the 16th century. In 1830, the current owner family acquired the inn. Now in the 11th generation, Katharina and Nikolaus Richter-Wallmann renovate the hotel and expand it with modern architecture. Under the name “Am Hirschengrün”, 42 flats plus an underground car park are built next to the renovated hotel. The inner courtyard with flower garden, kitchen garden, play landscape and open spaces offers hotel guests and residents a green oasis for rest and relaxation.

In the spirit of sustainability, the new residential building is a timber hybrid construction. Its striking wooden façade sets contemporary accents in the cityscape. A transparent bridge on the 3rd floor connects the hotel with the new building. A deli on the ground floor makes “Am Hirschengrün” a place for all Salzburgers.

Client: Hirschen Hotel GmbH & Wallmann Beteiligung GmbH
Location: A-5020 Salzburg, Elsenheimstraße 9a
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller mit lp architektur
Project Management: Doreen Rehmer-Jeitler, Axel Laimer, Elisabeth Graf
Construction: 2022-2024
Area: ca. 7.350 m²
Capacity: Hotel with 120 rooms, Deli, 40 apartments + 2 studios, underground Parking

Project coordination: Ausweger Baumanagement, Salzburg / statics massiv: zieritz + partner, St. Pölten / statics timber: ConLignum, Rottenmann / building physics: Zwittlinger & Staffl Engineering, Salzburg / building services: Dick + Karner, Salzburg / electrics: Pürcher, Schladming / landscape: Karin Standler, Vienna / Interior Design: Studio Eliste, Salzburg / fire protection: Bautaktik, Salzburg / tender: Koppelhuber² und Partner, Graz /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller