Madaster Austria: We are founding members!

Circular construction starts with Madaster, the platform of data, methods and materials for all sides – manufacturers, architects, planners, developers, stakeholders, recycling industry. The nine Austrian strategic Madaster partners, so-called Kennedys, will use the platform for their projects and further develop it together with circular economy experts from Austria and abroad. This is becoming even more important for companies in the real estate sector due to the EU Taxonomy Regulation that will come into force in 2024 and the transition to a circular economy.

Madaster Group was founded on the basis of the Madaster Foundation in 2017 in the Netherlands to create sustainable value for the environment and climate. Since 2022, the company has also been active in Austria, its sixth country. Currently, around 4,000 buildings with over 16 million m2 of space in Holland, Belgium Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Austria are recorded on the Madaster platform.

In addition to us, the nine Austrian Madaster partners are alchemia-nova, ATP, Drees & Sommer, iC consulenten, HNP architects, SIGNA, the Value One Group and WICONA by Hydro.

More Infos about Madaster: