Festspielhaus Bregenz: 3rd construction stage has started!

Since 10 January, construction work has again started on the Festspielhaus site: After the first stage by 1997, in which a workshop stage, lakeside foyer and lakeside studio as well as an administration wing were built, and the second stage from 2005-2006, in which the Festspielhaus was renovated, expanded and redesigned, the third construction stage will follow by 2024: we will bring the workshop stages technically up to date and expand it with a multi-purpose building. We will renovate the facades and roofs, modernise the building technology and kitchen, and renew the outdoor grandstand and lake stage. The new heating and energy concept provides for a medium-term shift away from gas and electricity as energy sources. The extensive work and investments amounting to 60,5 million euros ensure that the Festspielhaus Bregenz can continue to host events efficiently and sustainably in the future and remain the largest and most modern event centre between Munich and Zurich.

Information on the project: www.dietrich.untertrifaller.com/en/projects/festspielhaus-bregenz-at