The big talk about the Competitionline competition monitor

Patrick Stremler, together with Liza Heilmeyer from Birk, Heilmeyer and Frenzel and Gerd Holzwarth from Holzwarth Landschaftsarchitektur, was invited by Competitionline to a digital exchange. Together, they reviewed the ups and downs of the figures in competitionline’s 2021 Tender and Competition Monitor.
There were many questions and topics to discuss: How did the offices experience the Corona year 2020 and how did they master the topic of home offices? Was it noticeable in practice that the number of competitions in school construction fell by 24 percent, and those in residential construction by 14 percent? Has competition exhausted its potential when the number of competitions has hovered between 400 and 500 per year for years, while the number of tenders has grown continuously? What should be done to encourage competition and creative courage?


Interesting questions, interesting answers. You can read the full article here:

Photographers of the portraits: Andreas Labes, Gerd Holzwarth, David Matthiessen