Multi-generation House, Schwarzenberg (AT)

The sensitive topographical situation and the concise development, which is particularly marked by the community centre and the Kleberhaus museum, require careful intervention. The height gradation of the buildings reacts to the rising topography and creates differentiated access situations on several levels. The planned new building for assisted living, day care, mobile emergency service and nursing association requires a construction volume that clearly exceeds the volume of existing buildings. The concept envisages a structure, which reflects the shape and dimensions of the community centre. The premises of Mohi and the nursing home association are docked to the north side as a single-storey low-rise building pushed into the slope. The new building is connected to the community centre via a spacious airlock, which can also be used by rescue vehicles.
The front facades of the new building are clad in wood and correspond to the massive, community centre. The doubling shows respect for the existing building and creates optimal lighting and viewing conditions for both houses. Five apartments are planned on each of the two standard floors and two apartments with loggias on the top floor. Designed as timber construction, the new community centre is predestined as a sustainable, resource-saving building with a strong reference to the Bregenzerwald building tradition.

Client: Vogewosi
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2011, 2nd prize
Area: 900 m²