Waldgartenstrasse, Zollikerberg

The design for the six apartments is based on the north-south orientation of the property. In interaction between the surrounding buildings and the property, the new building is divided into two structures. These structures are connected by a joint access. In order to ensure a high quality of life, both parts are offset against each other. This results in a directed building shape that exploits the good orientation of the property.
The building deliberately sets itself apart from the road and thus develops a high degree of exterior quality. The existing fruit trees south of the property and the surrounding border planting will be preserved. These elements are strongly character-forming means of design for the place.
The development including disposal and bicycle shelter is located in the northern part of the property. The individual functions are spatially separated from each other and integrated into the outdoor installation. In the northeastern area there is the playground, which is well visible. The orchard opens to the south-west. The existing planting offers a high degree of privacy for the property as well as a wonderful view of the surrounding area.

Client: Geschwister M.
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Competition: 2015, 1st prize
Area: 238 m²