School Campus Study, Schifflange LUX)

School campus Hudelen linking nature and settlement.

At first glance, it seems strange to place a neighborhood school on the outer edge of a settlement and not in the center of the neighborhood, in order to provide the shortest possible way to school. At second glance, the advantages of the location in the immediate vicinity of the existing biotopes as well as the quality of the future school path through the green axis of the settlement outweigh the first doubts. The public function of the school offers a harmonious transition from nature to settlement and creates a win-win situation between functionality, quality of life and conservation of nature. The school completes the settlement with clear building geometries that stand out from the residential structures. It offers a unique selling point within the overall urban structure.
The school buildings border directly on the planned green corridor and the forest biotope and mark the public space with a ledge opposite the housing development line. The entrances are oriented towards the settlement, while the rear area of the buildings and the adjacent schoolyards are oriented towards nature. Particularly gentle and unimpressed by the railway, the passage through the sports field, the gymnasium and the backyard of the elementary school presents itself. Here, the adjacent forest structure forms a natural and protective backdrop.

Client: Stadt Schifflange
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with WW+
Competition: 2011, 3rd prize

landscape: Ernst + Partner, Trier