Strandbadareal/Thalerareal, Hard

The harbour square is an important intermediary in the urban structure: It is the pivotal point of various motion lines, functions and requirements, the completion of the park and the beginning of the world of boats. With a generous, inviting gesture, the movement leads to the basin and down to the water via a wide seating area. The two new buildings embrace the place and divide it into sections. The large centre, however, remains intact and is open to a wide range of events and activities.
The free form of the lido combines the diversity and variance of functions and with its wooden façade rests easily and dynamically in the natural environment. A large shop window provides lines of sight between the sports and customs port. The lakeside restaurant is a striking finish to the building and stands out clearly above the edge of the shore, offering visitors an attractive view of Harder Bay. The restaurant with its terrace floats above the square and allows the gastronomy to be separated from the lido and boat operations. The yacht club with an unobstructed view of the harbour is also located on the upper floor. A lookout tower in Cortenstahl forms the starting point for the Hohentwiel jetty as an accent to the lengthwise oriented lido building. All minor uses for the operation and maintenance of the lido and its outdoor space are accommodated in a functional building with wooden cladding close to meadows and pools.

Client: Harder Sport- und Freizeitanlagen BetriebsgesmbH
Architecure: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2014, 3rd prize
Area: 1,220 m²

landscape: Balliana-Schubert, Zürich