Social Center Weidach, Bregenz

The height development of the new social centre is staggered along the country road. Three tracts enclose a spacious, quiet inner courtyard that opens into the depths of the property. The contemplated housing estate on the remaining area reacts to these views and is oriented to the southwest on the edge of the hill. The access road is shared and allows double use of the parking spaces.
The three-hip structure is accessed via a spacious, slightly sloping hall on the main road. All areas can be reached from here in a short distance, and the administration and event hall (with a view of the hall and courtyard) are located adjacent to each other. The nursing floors are grouped around a central room zone with beautiful views of the courtyard and Gebhardsberg. The apartments are located above and below the nursing floors in accordance with the course of the site, the special stations on the respective ground floor with direct reference to the protected garden courtyards in front of them.
The entire complex will be constructed as a reinforced concrete skeleton structure. The floor heights are based on the residential building for various reasons. The nursing storeys are clad with large-format elements, the residential storeys and special stations are constructed in a timber/ transom/ mullion construction. The roof surfaces are covered with vegetation.

Client: Landeshauptstadt Bregenz
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2003