Simmeringer Markt, Vienna (AT)

An elegant, elongated, precious body occupies the triangular plot defining three well-cut outdoor spaces oriented toward the existing trees. The two existing pavilions and the new market stalls will atmospherically be integrated into a “market hall”.
A perforated copper sheet covers the various individual elements, grouping them together to form an entity and providing the necessary sun protection. During the day, the façade responds to the greenery of the trees, the view to the outside is unobstructed. In darkness this dialogue is turned around, the building begins to glow, communicating its interior and radiating into the surroundings, especially during winter.
The building’s ends are visible far into the adjacent street areas and are designed to allow multimedia presentations. The representative rooms behind it can be reached on short distances thanks to the spatial concept. Considerable attention is paid to the continuity. The result is a communicative, open and stimulating district center. In the area of the former fountain, a triangular air space in the open foyer unites the new functions of the music school, adult education center and library as well as the spiral-shaped, attractive peoples’ garage. The history of the place is integrated, can be experienced and carried on.

Client: Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2005