Johann Strauß School, Berlin (DE)

With its minimized footprint, the compact and clearly positioned building with two cuts leaves large areas of the property open. However, the separated technical and toilet tract has to be documented on the property. The building is accessed through a main entrance and two side entrances. The foyer forms a central location. The existing open staircase only works for out of school hours sports and group events, if some structural measures are changed. This also applies to the existing airspace between the classroom corridor and changing rooms, which is a functional and acoustic problem.
The classrooms in the corners of the building are rated positively due to the two-sided lighting. The terraces compensate for the lack of open spaces in the upper floors. Terrace, playground and airspace are exciting sequences of rooms, and the tile façade with its bottles promises a high-quality design and a low-maintenance solution.
(Jury Report, 2011)

Client: Land Berlin
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with fabriK•B Architekten
Competition: 2011, shortlist
Area: 1,210 m²