Rüeggisingerstrasse, Emmenbrücke (CH)

The design is to be seen as a joint between “urban” development along the Rüeggisingerstrasse and small-scale development of the residential quarter “Härdschwand”. At the same time, the two buildings of different heights mediate between the three-storey buildings in the south (approx. 10 m high eaves) and the high-rise building in the north (approx. 33 m high eaves).
The staggered height development has a positive effect on the sun exposure in the “inner courtyard” and the apartments facing south. Two front buildings as a western end with an urban character protect the green inner courtyard and respond to the large-scale development along Rüeggisingerstrasse. The two “garden houses” with a southern orientation form the transition to the eastern residential development. The connection is strengthened by the “garden”, which stands out from the street space and develops from the eastern private gardens. This plinth includes access, garage, ancillary rooms and studios.

Client: Gebr. Brun AG Generalunternehmung Luzern
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller | Stäheli
Competition: 2005, 2nd prize