New Timber City, Siriskjaer (NOR)

Three irregular shaped figures – appearing like brought by the sea – occupy this outstanding location. Designed to provide excellent views from all appartments without blocking the views of the neighboured buildings further back – an adequate solution for a unique site. Undulating wooden terrace slabs and columns wrap and cover the transparent bodies of the buildings and give them – according to the different angles of views – an either dense or light appearance providing intimacy and protection as well as unobstructed views – especially from the living areas orientated to both sides with large openings. The transparent insulation maximizes the lightweight effect and takes advantage of the sun as much and as long as possible – even when it gets dark.
The higher building for the second phase (hardwood cladding, concrete structure) works as a link to the Europan site as well as a sign for the harbor entrance and the new developments of the area. Its vast appartments guarantee spectacular views in all directions and a generous comfortable way of modern living. The new promenade is keeping its transport function of the former harbour, a surface of movement. Large scale concrete slabs mark the area of the buildings. The two squares with shopping and cafés are furnished with long wooden benches and open-air cafés.
The halfprivate area between the houses are laid out of an undulating grass landscape with references to a costal dune landscape. Playgrounds and a wooden path system, that sometimes extends to small places, create informal meeting points. The use of “industrial” materials such as large concrete slabs and asphalt adds a contemporary component onto the historic character of the harbour.

Client: Municipality of Stavanger
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2006