Linke Wienzeile, Vienna (AT)

The spacious, wide apron of this property facing south and west – marked by the fortified river basin of Vienna, the splendid backdrop of the Auer von Welsbach Park, the Schönbrunn Palace and other lush trees – far outweighs the disadvantages of the location on two of Vienna’s busiest traffic arteries, taking into account the general conditions.
A powerful building with a strongly emphasized head gives a firm hold to the somewhat lost situation, despite all the quality of the place. It closes the quarter and forms at the same time its new prelude, creates identity. The three-dimensional formation of the loggias, which are glazed for reasons of noise protection, radiates far into the street space and allows almost endless views into the city and green space.
Inside the now closed block edge, a quiet oasis with strong interlocking of mostly multi-sided oriented apartments is created, which greatly improve the somewhat unfavourable sun exposure and also provide daylight and views to the central access hatch. By raising the landscape, the combined access, open-air and communal rooms of the residential areas are directly connected to the green space.

Client: LW 278 Bauträger GmbH (Strabag AG)
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2016, 4th prize
Area: 10,265 m²

landscape: D\D Landschaftsplanung ZT KG, Vienna / rendering: Expressiv Vienna