Lienihof, Zürich (CH)

The heterogeneously grown structure of the Lienihof site will be completely demolished and replaced by an ensemble of three compact buildings. Due to its “dancing” configuration, it creates exciting internal open spaces and adequate spatial references to the surrounding neighbourhood. A moving path/place figure flows through the area and connects the green area with an open space. A central courtyard, planted with trees, connects the buildings.
In front of the shops, a fountain emphasises the public character of the place and creates a striking entrance. The playground is located in the back garden area. The underground car park exit and customer access to the underground shop are attractively located in the southern part of the building, the deliveries to the northern building. The majority of the remaining ground floor areas consist of small-scale, typical commercial areas. The nursing home group is accommodated in the quiet rear area. In the normal floors, four apartments per storey are accessed by a central staircase, the bathrooms are grouped around the core and the open spaces are cut into the building. On the attic floor there are two apartments with spacious terraces.
The minergy standard is achieved by the compact structure with clear room groups, the high insulation standard and a decentralised, controlled ventilation system near the ancillary rooms. The facades are plastered in a manner typical of the district, and the obliquely cut openings create a lively sculptural effect.

Client: Baugenossenschaft Zurlinden
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2004