Spa Resort in the Alps, Bad Aussee (AT)

The landscape of the Lerchenreither Plateau in Bad Aussee is characterised by a gently waved topography. With its flat terrain saddle, the property offers ideal conditions for integrating the flat, elongated structure of the spa and treating the green roof areas as an integral part of the landscape. Only the glazed longitudinal façades with their generous, open spaces in front of them appear as cut edges in the landscape.
As a compact, self-confident solitaire, the hotel forms the landmark in the extensive landscape, which is to stand as an unmistakable trademark for the Spa Resort in the Alps – Bad Aussee. The clearly structured building hovers like an eagle’s nest above the landscape and, with its four-sided orientation, captures all the scenic beauties of Ausseerland. The facades are covered on all sides with a wide-meshed, solid wood fabric which creates the regional reference as well as supporting the transparency of the building and allowing the view from the guest rooms to wander freely.
The spacious lobby is accessed from the east and opens into the central airspace of the house. This inner volume is similar to a salt crystal with a translucent, backlit skin covered with slits. In darkness, the crystal’s white light shines into the night sky, while the wood-panelled rooms radiate warm, atmospheric light. The central functions of the reception, bar, lounge areas and restaurants are grouped around the airspace. The restaurants are located on slightly offset levels and open to the west towards the evening sun, offering all guests an unobstructed view of the beauty of the landscape.

Client: Vitalbad Errichtungs GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2006