KEBA Technology Park, Linz (AT)

Between the Kremstal federal road in the south and fields and meadows in the north, the new KEBA technology park presents itself as an elegant, volume laid flat on the plain with a distinctive longitudinal extension. Deliberately placed bends of the building react to the site geometry and the existing course of the road. They structure the linear volume into a perspective-changing overall scenery along the main road.

With the production halls at the front and the office buildings in between, the technology park fans out into the surrounding landscape like a wooden harmonica. Production, logistics and administration are spatially interwoven and form a common whole. Widening, intensively landscaped inner courtyards with varied views in and out provide an attractive working environment – in keeping with the guiding principle of the desired “oasis of work”.

The office buildings are designed as a tripartite with a total width of 17 meters. The office workplaces are oriented towards the quiet inner courtyard and can be flexibly organised as individual, combined or open-plan rooms. The access cores, including ancillary rooms and technical supply lines, are located in the central zone.

The two-storey production halls with adjoining logistics areas are stacked one on top of the other, with one hall in the basement. This optimises the built-up area and reduces the degree of sealing to a minimum. The halls are built according to the constantly changing production lines with a wide-span construction grid that allows for column-free production areas.

Construction and materiality
The entire technology park is designed as a timber hybrid building. Underground areas and areas in contact with the ground are made of reinforced concrete and the above-ground parts of the building are constructed of wood. The façade elements are prefabricated as large-format timber stud wall constructions with factory-integrated windows. Vertical lamellas clad with polished chrome steel on the front side form an attractive contrast to the elegant, delicate larch wood façade.

Client: KEBA Group AG Linz
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2022, 3. Prize
Capacity: offices, conference rooms, assembly production, storage areas, café, flagship store, underground car park

general planner: Delta Ziviltechniker, Vienna / statics: gbd, Vienna / building physics: Spektrum, Dornbirn / building services: rhm Ingenieurbüro, Thomasberg / electrics: Eipeldauer, Traiskirchen / landscape: Lindle Bukor, Vienna /// renderings: Dietrich | Untertrifaller