Kastner & Öhler, Graz (AT)

An asymmetrical pyramids cut from a cubic volume fold outwards on the roof and on the facades.

From a cubic volume, truncated asymmetric pyramids fold outwards on the roof and on the facades. They bring soft daylight deep into the interior of the department store and offer fantastic views of the Schlossberg and the old town. The homogeneous silhouette of the roof structures of Graz’s old town is given a new element that blends in well with its granularity, without giving up an appropriate, contemporary appearance.
Via the central atrium, which is conically widened at the top, a representative foyer with a view of the clock tower can be reached from the new attic. On both sides there is a “Marktgasse” with different gastronomic themes on a high quality level. The seating areas are divided into useful units by the supporting structural elements (with built-in benches and the possibility to integrate plantings, aquariums or terrariums). In spite of the restaurant’s dimensions, this promises a pleasant, spacious stay, but also an appropriate intimacy. The niches and the roof terrace along the Sackstraße offer a panoramic view of the Old Town and the Schlossberg. The kitchen and ancillary rooms are directly accessible from the goods lift, free of crossings with the public. Above this are the technical rooms with short connections to the distribution shafts and lines.

Client: Kastner & Öhler AG
Architecture Dietrich: | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2005