Downtown Area, Gallneukirchen (AT)

The competition is based on the idea of creating a nationally significant habitat with a focus on shopping, working and living under the aspect of sustainability. This concept is to be complemented by a gastronomic offer and sets a lasting impulse in the centre of Gallneukirchen with new urban squares and alleyways.
The newly developed area shall become a meeting place for young and old and offer a pleasant living, leisure and working environment for the inhabitants and guests of Gallneukirchen. Places and centres are the answer to the need for contemporary urban public spaces.
The area on the Riepl grounds is characterised by its central location within Gallneukirchen and the associated special development opportunities for the city and the region of Gusental. This unique opportunity to develop and design approx. 6,600 m² of contiguous inner-city space characterises the design of the project.

Client: Anton Riepl
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2014
Area: 8,700 m²