Ignaz Harrer Straße, Salzburg (AT)

The building structure on Ignaz Harrer Strasse evokes the Inn-Salzach style through the repetition of flush facades with raised attics. The playful vertical shifting opens the strict street space into the interior of the area. The moving silhouette leads over to the loosely shifted volumes of the Stadt:WERK-Areal.
The high points are anchored in the townscape and correspond to the street space of Alois Stockinger Straße, the new building opposite and the buildings at the crossroads. The resulting free spaces of the ground floor zone are filled with special functions and provide the link to the Stadt:WERK. Like an urban carpet, the entrance area of Ignaz Harrer Strasse leads into the inner courtyard area, defining public and semi-public exterior spaces. The City Boulevard will be connected to the North-South Boulevard of the Stadt:WERK site.
The leisure-time course completes the network of paths on the yard side. The alternation of lawns, water-bound surfaces and sealed areas creates a wide variety of places for playing, retreating or social exchange. In addition, partitions are installed to separate private and semi-public open spaces. This functional layer contains all necessary areas for disposal, house supervision and bicycle parking.

Client: Gemeinnützige Salzburger Wohnbaugesellschaft
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2011, recognition
Area: 9,032m²