i/ZWO Enercity Headquarter Glocksee, Hannover (DE)

The new enercity building will serve as the company’s new headquarters and will provide space for around 550 employees. The design evolves into a spacious, representative forecourt and swings up to the far visible solitaire. All special functions such as the company restaurant and conference room, fitness rooms and medical centre are placed in the building’s representative head. A naturally lit, building high foyer forms the spatial and organisational heart of the new headquarters with variable areas for informal exchange and relaxed communication. This is surrounded by open office forms in the head building, group offices in the central wing and combi offices on Braunstrasse. The ceiling construction made of precast reinforced concrete ribs with intermediate board stacking elements remains uncovered and visible. The filigree, conically cut concrete ribs structure the rooms, making them appear higher and improving office acoustics. The hybrid construction combines the advantages of the sustainable, CO2-binding building material wood and the mass storage of concrete required for active cooling. The clear façade structure with sand-coloured concrete elements and narrow clinker stripes gives the building a subtle ornamentation effect.

Client: enercity Immobilien GmbH & KG
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2017, 2nd prize
Area: 13,000 m² office space

structural engineering: Knippers Helbig, Stuttgart / HAVCR: Team GMI, Vienna / landscape: Faktor Grün, Rottweil / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna