HTBLVA Spengergasse, Vienna (AT)

Together with the existing buildings, the new compact school building forms a memorable and exciting place maintaining the clear urban planning situation. The old building is carefully adapted and rough, later construction stages are refined. The new building presents a transparent, light face towards the courtyard, featuring and interplay of large fixed glazing and small movable ventilation elements. North-south oriented vertical lamellas made of water blasted; colored concrete elements are placed in front of this glass façade to the Stolberggasse. These lamellas guarantee effective, all-day sun protection, but they also create a counterweight to the “heaviness” of the existing buildings. Towards the Spengergasse, a shingled, three-dimensional appearance enters into an exciting dialogue with the structured façade of the main building.
As a contrast to the existing structure, the floating, one-story, glazed courtyard wing for the ÖTI is connected to the north façade of the classroom wing to form a transparent volume enlivening the playground. At the intersection, the multipurpose hall with a foldable façade offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor display options. The sports hall, the multipurpose hall and the ÖTI can be reached internally and externally via the evening entrance and a separate foyer. The schoolyard and a light ditch in front of the old building naturally light the sports halls, which are covered with light-colored wood. The classes in the new building are equally oriented to the north and south with upstream cloakrooms. They are connected to the existing building by short, clear internal paths. All infrastructural rooms are located in the docking area, with an extended break area on all floors. The laboratories in the basement are naturally lit by an air space.

Client: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. (BIG)
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2006