Doppelmayr Headquarter, Wolfurt (AT)

Doppelmayr’s new headquarters develop as a delicate composition with a ascending and descending silhouette over the entire length of the barely cut property. At both ends, the slender, offset volumes are preceded by well proportioned open spaces – in the northeast a representative forecourt oriented also towards the factory, in the southwest a green zone facing the reedlands. Delivery, access to the underground car park and visitor parking are organised along the northern border.
From the forecourt you can reach the foyer followed by the three-sided, partially two-storey exhibition area. The reception desk acts as a joint and enables the control of all areas – in particular the two access points to the security zones – without creating an intrusive and repellent effect. Flowing, well-lit lounge and foyer areas permeate the entire ground floor and act as a pre-zone for the conference area on the one hand, and as potentially independent event rooms on the other.
The working areas correspond to the optimized processes and room layouts. A flowing space zone in the middle enables highly flexible adaptations for different sizes of groups and departments. The simple building structure with economical span widths is based on a consistent primary and extension grid and largely corresponds to Doppelmayr’s corporate philosophy. Frame-shaped, slightly offset, three-dimensional facade elements made of galvanised steel provide shade and give the compact ensemble an elegant lightness.

Client: Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2013
Area: 18,100 m²