HDM-/SWHD-Areas at the Kurfürsten-Anlage, Heidelberg (DE)

A diverse, climate-friendly new neighbourhood is being created on the site of the former Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (HDM) and Stadtwerke Heidelberg (SWHD). Conservation is climate protection! Continuing to use or converting existing buildings, rebuilding, refurbishing or upgrading – all strategies that, after careful economic consideration, lead to a more sustainable building culture. But it is not only the built resources that need to be protected; the social energies in the neighbourhood should also be preserved, integrated and used. What already exists creates continuity and a sense of connection with a place that would otherwise have to be worked out laboriously. In contrast to what is stated in the competition, our design retains not only Administration Building II, but also Administration Building I of the Stadtwerke Heidelberg and the current Laureate Forum/MAINS of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen. These three buildings will become THE identity-forming elements of the new quarter.

Living together – Diverse and inclusive
Pluralistic societies need pluralistic buildings that enable variety, diversity, inclusion. Space for many different lifestyles, space to unite supposed opposites:
Living in the village community, but still urban? Dare more community and move the home office into the neighbourhood? Diversity in size and target group of building typologies ensures variety in architecture and scale.

Business, Creative Quarter, Residential Courtyard
Based on the three existing buildings, we have overlaid the area with an urban planning framework structure that divides the quarter into three urban modules with different uses. To the south-west, along Kurfürsten-Anlage, we loosely placed solitaires for commercial use. The set-back Laureate Forum is given a representative forecourt and forms the reference point for the surrounding office and commercial buildings.
To the south-east, adjacent to the Stadtwerke C building, is the creative centre of the quarter. The administration building II will be renovated, raised and extended to become the Werkhaus, where people found, work and live. Building C could be converted into a market hall. Together with the power station, the emblematic chimney and the workshop character of the adjacent existing buildings of the Stadtwerke, a new, lively spot in Heidelberg’s creative and cultural landscape will emerge here.
To the north, along Alte Eppelheimer Straße, a large, we created a quiet residential courtyard. The Long House continues the adjoining perimeter block development. The elongated block of the Generations House forms the southern end. Smaller commercial units on the ground floor provide a lively base zone. An integrative component of the entire area is the Terrace House with a kindergarten, neighbourhood centre, co-working area and conference and event rooms.

Client: EPPLE GmbH, GGH Gesellschaft für Grund- und Hausbesitz mbH Heidelberg and
Stadtwerke Heidelberg Energie GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2021
Area: ca. 60,000 m²
Program: Housing, offices, commerce, daycare centre, culture

Statics: Knippers Helwig, Stuttgart / building physics: Spektrum Bauphysik & Bauökologie, Dornbirn / landscape: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Überlingen / traffic planning: Stete Planung
Büro für Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung, Darmstadt /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller