Hamburger Allee 50, Hannover (DE)

The work develops a modern and contemporary quality with simple stylistic devices. It adheres almost entirely to the urban planning specifications and develops an interesting alternative to the rear of the office building. This benefits the green area and the distance situation in the inner courtyard. The architectural theme takes over the perforated façade of the surrounding buildings for all three areas of use, but interprets it individually.
The internal organisation of the office and hotel fully complies with the requirements of the promoter. Housing construction offers attractive floor plans with variants. The design of a staggered storey without gable-side connection to the hipped roofs is very positively assessed. All in all, a well thought-out and economically attractive design with simple means.
(Jury Report, 2011)

Client: Weser-Wohnbau
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2011, 2nd prize