Güggelhalde, Eschen (LI)

The wonderful building site is situated like an island in the grassland, with spectacular views to all sides. To ensure that these qualities benefit all housing units equally,we designed four loose, partially coupled, two-storey volumes. On the flat eastern plateau, a fifth tower-like structure is proposed.
All units have protected open spaces in the entrance floor and a living room with light on all sides. In the basement there are intimate bedrooms with a patio in front. The spacious green and forecourt areas are available to all residents. The garage area is naturally illuminated by the cut-in courtyards. Nearly black, charred wooden bodies lie on the basement area of exposed concrete. The long sides are cut open, to the east the open spaces and the morning sun are brought into the house, to the west the skylight captures the evening atmosphere and views to the Säntis. The energy supply is provided by deep drilling and heat pump. A good shell and high passive gains – internally and externally – ensure low energy consumption.

Client: MHG
Architecture: Dietrich|Untertrifaller
Competition: 2013
Area: 880 m²