Tabor Shopping Center, Steyr (AT)

Excerpt from the report of the Design Council: “In the large complex, the site centrally located in the city centre was used to concentrate on an urban public area with a horizontal large, cut-out shape and at the same time to preserve the memory of a formerly wide area – all the better, as it allows a mixture of functions and traffic participants, in connection with urban bodies and spaces. The central open place forms a public space that is shared by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. Starting at the Blümelhuber-Straße, a development area expands towards the Stadthalle, which creates an urban zone in the best sense of the word by including and upgrading the front area of the Stadthalle. The materialisation of the large structural form is planned as a differentiated, predominantly closed wooden façade.”
In December 2013, the Province of Upper Austria granted permission to build the shopping centre on the former barracks site at Tabor in Steyr. Construction work is still in progress.

Client: Quaderna Vermietung GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2013, 1st prize
Area: 56,810 m²

structural engineering: : Lackner + Raml, Villach / rendering: Expressiv, Vienna