JK University Med Campus I, Linz (AT)

The urban planning design of the new medical faculty continues the alignment of the Blutzentrale as a longitudinal building on the hospital road. The existing underground car park forms the foundation for the building, which is divided into three parts.
Body 1 as the head building on the west side contains primarily public and freely accessible areas such as the café and the two large lecture halls with the foyer on the ground floor, the library areas and the administration. Body 2 as a transparent component with entrance area, foyer and visible vertical access is the first point of contact, information and distribution level. Body 3 consists of the functional areas of teaching and research. The organizational backbone of the facility is formed by a continuous main access road leading to the foyer areas.
The ground floor and first floor are built as a base with cut-in courtyards for light and air supply. In the upper floors, this structure changes to a comb-shaped laboratory area. This provides optimal lighting conditions for all areas as well as short distances to the vertical connection and the chairs, which are positioned on the north side of each story.

Client: Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Luger & Maul
Competition: 2015, 3rd prize
Area: 12,870 m²

structural engineering: Raffelsberger Franz, Wels / medical engineering: MTP, Hall / rendering: PixLab Studios, Graz