An der Wassergasse, Grabs (CH)

Two differently dimensioned and twisted buildings fit well into the heterogeneous picture of the village between the grown substance, the new large solitaires and the single-family and multi-family houses of the last decades. In addition to an exciting relationship between the buildings, a varied, protected sequence of public, semi-public and private open spaces is also achieved. In the larger building, the commercial rooms and the central parking garage entrance are housed. The smaller building is reserved for residential use. Both are accessed via opposite covered entrances with attached laundries.
The apartments in both buildings are grouped around a central core with communicative and spatially varied access and adjoining ancillary rooms. This ensures a high degree of flexibility and compactness with short cable lengths and an optimized outer casing. Thanks to this design, the required economic and energetic goals can be achieved without any problems and without additional expenditure. The facades are executed with large-format, prefabricated wooden elements with a ventilated wooden facade, saving time and money.

Client: Pensimo Management AG
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2013
Area: 2,385 m²

rendering: Expressiv, Vienna