Adorno Middle & Primary School, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

The elongated middle school and the cubic elementary school form a striking ensemble in the urban planning model of the Campusmeile. A two-story plinth connects the two schools. Its roof accomodates extensive sports facilities and open spaces – raised to a protected area, it is situated far from the emission-rich ground floor. The common forecourt creates an inviting entrance area that opens onto the city.
The assembly hall and the cafeteria are attached to a two-story foyer, which provides the main access to the middle school. The classrooms show flexible floor plans with different learning spaces offering attractive views through room-high glazing. Balconies in front of the classrooms expand into outdoor classes, atrium courtyards bring daylight far into the interior of the building. The all-round glazing of the lowered sports areas allows natural lighting and beautiful views from the outside.
The primary school is accessed via a covered passage from the common forecourt. The ground floor zone includes the gym and various spaces that can be flexibly divided. On the upper floors, the class clusters are arranged in a circle around the inner courtyard, opening towards a generous covered outdoor space with pre-located outer surfaces.
Exposed concrete surfaces – heavily processed and robust – characterise the street-side facades of both schools. The classroom facades facing the inner courtyard are designed with wood-glass elements and balconies. Partly flush, partly cantilevered openings provide a lively, sculptural appearance.

Client: Stadt Frankfurt am Main
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2018
Area: 17,500 m²
Capacity: Middle school for approx. 1,500 pupils (6 classes per year) with cafeteria and sports complex (3-field hall, three 1-field halls, gym and fitness room), primary school for 420 pupils (4 classes per year) with cafeteria and 1-field sports hall

landscape: HKK Landschaftsarchitektur, Frankfurt am Main /// rendering and plans: © Dietrich | Untertrifaller