Bückle-Areal, Konstanz (DE)

Constance is growing: On the former Siemens company site, an open, urban quarter is to be created where people live, work and live. The mix of residences, gastronomy, culture, local amenities, services and recreation will enliven the new district. Some of the special uses will be accommodated in the listed existing buildings from the 1950s.
Our concept proposes a loose arrangement of courtyard and patio typologies, with a lively sequence of urban lanes, squares and parks. Inner courtyards complement this network of green open spaces, offering playgrounds close to the apartments, communal gardens, private terraces for the ground floor apartments and meeting points for the house communities. Individual towers mark the relevant urban places and refer to the high-rises in the immediate vicinity. From Bücklestraße, the motorised individual traffic is directed entirely into the underground car park. Urban lanes for pedestrians and cyclists connect the new quarter to the surrounding area.
The subsidised apartments are situated in three-story courtyard or patio typologies (Types B, C, D). The freehold flats are located in six to 18-story tower typologies (Type A) and benefit from the magnificent panoramic view of the city, Lake Constance and Alps. The ground floor accommodates flexible uses and the kindergarten with inner courtyard garden. The roofs of the subsidised apartments are used as communal open spaces for the condominiums.
The balconies of each building block are oriented to the south towards the railway line as well as to the side most exposed to noise. The constructive grid of vertical and horizontal elements with a depth of approx. 80 cm acts as sun and noise protection. Balcony slabs can be arranged according to requirements, resulting in a three-dimensional play of private open spaces. Each building block receives an individually designed façade made of different materials in dark colours: exposed concrete, plaster, ceramic or clinker brick. The result is a varied, lively street scene with the character of a grown quarter.

Client: Konstanz Invest GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2018, 2nd prize
Area: 66.820 m²
Capacity: 557 apartments (178 subsidised), parking garage (665 places), Kindergarten, commerce

landscape: Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Überlingen / traffic: Stete Planung, Darmstadt