Awarded: Hugo Häring Award for Kaltensteinhalle in Vaihingen

Since 1969, the Association of German Architects BDA Baden-Württemberg has awarded the prestigious Hugo Häring Prize for exemplary buildings in Baden-Württemberg every three years to clients and architects for their joint work.

We are very pleased and proud that this year we were able to win an award with the Kaltensteinhalle in Vaihingen! Congratulations to the entire project team!

The Hugo-Häring Prize is a two-stage award, the selection process extends over 2 years: In the first stage, the Hugo-Häring Awards were presented in 2023 in the 15 district groups of the BDA Baden-Württemberg. The awarded buildings take part in the selection process for the Hugo-Häring-Landespreis 2024 at the state level.

Infos about the Hugo Häring Prize:

Infos about the project: Kaltensteinhalle Sports Hall, Vaihingen (DE)

Photo: David Matthiessen