Exhibition: Archisable at Aeroport Paris-Charles de Gaulle

We are proud that Much Untertrifaller’s contribution to the Archisable project has been integrated into the emblematic building of Terminal 1 in Roissy, where it will welcome visitors over the next two years.
The photo by Michel Denancé shows the floor plan of the legero united campus, which Much Untertrifaller drew on a 1:1 scale in the Normandy sand.

Many thanks to the Groupe ADP, to Tina Bloch and Michel Denance for making this possible.



What is Archisable?

“Archisable is an ephemeral project of sand architecture, designed to last and whose secret lies in its lack of scale.
Archisable tells of an age-old story between human genius – in this case architects and photographers – and the almighty nature – sea, sky and tides.
All contemporary challenges are addressed – climate, ecology, urban scale, landscape, coexistence.
Archisable is a poetic project where imagination and creativity unfold on a white page, the beach in apparent freedom – under the aegis of ebb and flow.”
Tina Bloch