Recognition: Competition Vienna Security Centre

Together with Delta Podsedensek Architekten, we are pleased about the recognition for our competition entry for the new security centre of the Ministry of the Interior!

Our design for the security centre blends in harmoniously with the surroundings and the listed buildings of the barracks. The more than 4,000 employees will have a modern and safe working environment with offices, workshops, laboratories, IT centre, visitor centre, sports centre with running track, sports field, gymnasium and swimming pool, canteen, hotel and kindergarten . In contrast to the surrounding perimeter block development, we have freely arranged cylindrical structures of different sizes in the centre of the site. The different building heights react carefully to the adjacent, heterogeneous buildings. Low on the periphery, the cylinders rise from 22 metres to up to 35 metres in the interior of the quarter, giving the ensemble an exciting and varied silhouette with varying visual references.

More about this project: Security Centre, Vienna (AT)